May 2011 Newsletter Volume 39, Number 5

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1st Annual Beach Party 350

Picture of the Month
(click image to enlarge)
USA’s 1st Annual Beach Party - June 13, 2010
Photo by Julie Manhold

Program for May 5th

Diving Scapa Flow
John Christopher Fine

Glada on dive boatOur speaker for our May 5th general membership meeting is John Christopher Fine.  John has written over two dozen books on a wide variety of subjects. John was our speaker in February when he educated and entertained us with stories of sunken treasure.  This month he will be sharing with us his experiences in Scapa Flow and some of it's role in history in both WWI and WWII.

Scapa Flow is a body of water in the Orkney Islands, Scotland and the United Kingdom and has played various roles in history since the time of the Vikings.

John is a marine biologist and an expert in maritime and legal affairs relating to salvage. He has been diving since he was 6 years old.  An avid diver, John continues to log hundreds of dives each year.  John has won awards and accolades on his photography and conservation and has played an instrumental role in legislation surrounding preservation of historic dive sites.

If you do an internet search of the name John Christopher Fine, you will find him in Wikipedia as well as other in other articles.  I also found interesting articles on Scapa Flow via an internet search and found myself "surfing" to learn more.

I am excited to have John as our speaker once more before he and Myriam return to the north and then migrate west, to again work with the wild horses as they did last year.

Sea you there?

Questions?  Click here to contact VP of Programs Glada Blench by e-mail.

Glada Blench
VP of Programs

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Russ 250

Delray Beach sewage outfall

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. Did you know Florida legislators are about to approve SB 796 that allows for less wastewater treatment, an increase in the amount of secondarily treated sewage being discharged directly into South Florida coastal marine
waters, and the injection of sewage into the Biscayne and Upper Floridian Aquifers -  shallow drinking water supplies for South Florida and the Keys?

SB 796 is trying to undo the efforts recreational scuba divers took two years ago in passing an original bill and further delays the requirement for compliance with a state mandate to eliminate ocean outfall, improve wastewater treatment, and beneficially reuse a portion of that wastewater by five years.

Florida’s tremendous growth over the past decade has raised critical concern in the Legislature over how we manage our water, not only for drinking but also for waste disposal.  Communities throughout Florida have seen the benefits of embracing readily available and proven technology for advanced wastewater treatment and re-use,
with some communities reaching upwards of 80 percent efficiency.  Unfortunately,
this legislation would reverse these trends and detrimentally impact the treatment
and reuse of water of the largest municipalities in our state, Miami-Dade, Broward
and Palm Beach counties.

SB 796 allows wastewater disposal to be accomplished by:
  • Treating Less (to a lower standard) - If a facility reuses 100% of its wastewater it is exempt from the AWT treatment standard.
  • Injecting More (Redefining Reuse) - The bills provide a means to achieve 100% reuse by redefining reuse as Recharge into the Biscayne and Upper Floridan Aquifers.
  • Injecting into Shallow Drinking Water Aquifers - More troubling, these bills redefine ‘reuse’ to allow for injection into the Biscayne and Upper Floridan Aquifers. These are shallow drinking water aquifers. This means, under this legislation reused water will be injected into the drinking water resources for a significant portion of South Florida. While they say it is to ‘drinking water standards,’ that doesn’t take into consideration the nitrogen level is far too high for our reef which will be affected by offshore upwellings.

BOTTOM LINE?  This legislation significantly lowers the water quality standards and treatment requirements in Florida, allowing water treatment facilities to treat less, inject more into our coastal ocean, and inject into shallow drinking water aquifers.

While this bill has passed in the House, USAers should ensure that the Senate Budget Committee, and other Senators, ask hard questions before letting this bill move to the Senate Floor for voting.

Contact your Senators and Representatives, ESPECIALLY if they are on this Budget Committee.  Simply Log on to or and find
your elected official or call 1-800-342-2172.  Have your Zip Code ready to be directed to your Florida Representative or Senator.

Click here for a list of hard questions to ask your Senators and Representatives.



How about a Blast From the Past?

What appeared 12 years ago this month in USA’s May 1999 newsletter?

USA’s 1999 board members

VP of Programs
VP of Overseas Diving
VP of Social Events
VP of Local Diving
Past President
A-V Coordinator
Exotic Trip Organizer
Membership Directory
Membership Coordinator
Overseas Dive Accountant
Newsletter Managing Editor
Newsletter Circulation
Mini-Trip Coordinator
Social Coordinator

- Larry Townsend
- Bob Horin
- Ronnie Farr
- Mary Field
- Tommy Younger
- Linda Caldwell
- Robert Shearer
- Robert Shearer
- Jim Guld
- Gary Sharp

- Marilyn Van Valkenburg
- Roger Styles

- Karen Valpa
- Patrice Marker
- Chris Van Valkenburg
- Marilyn Van Valkenburg
- Ray McAllister

- Dianne Johnston
- Ann Stambaugh
- Margaret Murray
- Linda Ianniello
- Sherry Boudreaux

  • Meeting Place - Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • President’s Waves - Preparing for the summer diving season by Larry Townsend
  • Local Diving - Annual Raft-Up May 15th; local dives on Starfish Enterprise & Diversity by Tommy Younger
  • Program - Technical Diving  by Bob Epsom
  • Social - Dinner Before the Meeting at Little Havana Restaurant by Mary Field
  • Overseas Diving - Walkers Cay, Bahamas at Jim Abernathy’s Scuba Adventures; Tobago at the Manta Lodge; Belize live-aboard on the Wave Dancer; Dry Tortugas on the Ultimate Getaway;
    Coral Sea live-aboard + land excursion
  • New members - Danny Michels

To view a copy of USA’s May 1999 newsletter, click here.

Questions?  Click here to contact President Russ Manhold by e-mail.

Russ Manhold

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Local Diving

Kathy Dive
John Dive

Kathy & John Ficarra

Our Ocean is warming up so those seasonal divers get ready.  The water temperature has been reported between 76 and 79 degrees the third week in April.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have any Club dives to talk about at the time I had to submit my write up.

My write up on our 3rd year Easter Egg Hunt with Starfish Enterprise on Easter Sunday will be in the June newsletter.

We are having our 2nd Annual Beach Party, Sunday, May 15th, on the south side of Commercial Blvd Pier. We are looking forward to doing fun beach games along with snorkeling.  The first group of scuba divers will be going out around 8 am.  The Club is providing desserts and prizes.  So mark your calendar, bring your family and friends and join us.


Kathy & John Ficarra
VP’s of Local Diving

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Social Activities

CFA-Early Butterflies-NL300Greetings from USA’s Social Butterflies.

Sometimes, just sometimes, a last minute
spur-of-the-moment impromptu social activity can be fun.  Only 12 days before this event, an e-mail message arrived in the Social Butterflies’ inbox from USAer Ken Burgner.  Ken was excited about his musical group ‘49 Ford’ and their one-night gig at a new, up and coming nightclub, Pineapple Groove, located in the heart of downtown Delray Beach.
We sent out a quick ‘vanilla’ invitation to USAers  and, before we knew it, we had 16 members interested in attending.

Four of us had a not-so-quiet but delicious dinner at Bru’s Room before crossing the tracks and joining the other members of our group at the Pineapple Groove nightclub.   Upon entering the club, we paid our $5 cover charge.  Many of us couldn’t understand why we weren’t asked to provide any proof of age.

Once inside the club, an electric atmosphere surrounded us while a kaleidoscope of colorful bright lights flashed on huge movie screens.

2011 04-22 Burgner's 49 Ford-NL800

(click image to enlarge)

By 9:30 pm, ‘49 Ford’ was at full throttle with lead singer Nora G on vocals, Gill G drums and vocals, Larry Kessler keyboard & vocals, Ken Burgner on bass, and Chuck Schaeffer guitar and vocals.  Nora had a ‘knock-your-socks-off’ voice that’s as strong as we have ever heard.  ‘49 Ford’ played a wonderful variety of their original music such as ‘Insurance Company Blues’, along with some of our old favorites like ‘Will it Go Round
in Circles
’, ‘Rather Go Blind’, and ‘Natural Woman’.

Their new CD, ‘That’s How We Rock and Roll’, has recently been released.
Kudos to Ken Burgner for all he has accomplished.

Coming attractions


Mark your calendar for USA's next quarterly Adopt-A-Street cleanup in Deerfield Beach which is scheduled to take place on Sunday morning, May 22nd, at 9:00 am.

Lunch will follow at Muddy Waters Restaurant and Raw Bar located just a short distance from USA’s Adopt-A-Street site.

USA’s Adopt-A-Street program gives us the opportunity to keep our streets clean.
We all know that sooner or later, much of the trash on our streets finds its way into Florida’s canals and waters offshore.  This is our way of helping the environment.

Every little bit helps so please sign up at USA’s May 5th dive club meeting.
If you can't make the meeting, call or e-mail USA’s Social Butterflies at

Watch future newsletters and e-mail messages for additional information on all planned USA Dive Club activities. Our social events are open to all USA Dive Club members and their guests. So, why wait?

Sign up for a social event, get to know your fellow USAers, and let the fun begin!

 From Ocean to Oven

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

7:00 pm

Lionfish cooked2

Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club invites all members and their guests to a
private seminar at:

Force-E Scuba Center
2181 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton FL 33431

Learn from the experts how to stalk, spear, bag, bake and BBQ this beautiful but invasive predator.  Our friends at Force-E are holding a special class for the Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club.  We will learn how to safely capture the lionfish and bring it to our tables to enjoy.  Let's fight back and protect our native marine life.

Simply contact USA’s Social Butterflies for your reservation.

Watch future newsletters and e-mails for additional information on all planned USA Dive Club activities. Our social events are open to all USA club members and their guests.
So why wait?

Sign up for a social event, get to know your fellow USAers, and let the fun begin!

Future Social events:



Pick up your favorite meal, i.e., a sub, sandwich or pizza at your local Publix, Subway or Papa Johns and join USA’s Social Butterflies in the Newport CafĂ© located in the
Best Western Deerfield Beach Hotel & Suites @ 6:00 pm.
If you’d like to bring something from home, that’s OK, too.

USA 2010 Dinner Collage-NL500

Everyone seems to enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie.
Try it... you’ll like it!
C’mon down and we’ll save y’all a seat.

Questions?  Click here to contact USA’s Social Butterflies by e-mail.

USA's Social Butterflies

Clare Anthon & Julie Manhold
VP’s of Social Events

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Hospitality Hut

2009 09-03 Hospitality Hut  IMG_5742-360Warm Greetings from USA’s Hospitality Hut.

It’s official.  The water is warming up and ready for all the ‘snow birds’ to take a dive.

We welcomed three newcomers and three returning guests to the April general club meeting.

Jeanne Belus, a friend of USA member Kim Whaley, came to her first meeting.
Jeanne is an Advanced Open Water diver, certified in 1991.  Jeanne has applied for
USA Dive Club membership and she is looking forward to joining USAers on our overseas dive trip to Little Cayman Beach Resort this June.

Alan Feuerman, who found us on the Internet, was certified in Hawaii back in 1995.  Alan has already completed his application for membership.  Welcome Alan to the
Under Sea Adventurers Dive Club.

David Zinni, a friend of Hall of Fame member Ray McAllister, returned for another meeting.  David is an Advanced Open Water diver, certified in 1990. It is always
nice to see returning guests.  We hope to see David again.

Next we introduced Mike McCraw.  Mike is a Search and Rescue Diver.  He was
certified in 1979 and has logged thousands of dives.  Mike enjoys all aspects of diving including fossil and artifact collecting.

USA Genl Mtg Guest Collage2-NL700

We are always happy to see our ‘honorary member’ Pat Schwab. I wonder if we can talk Pat into taking a few dive lessons?  We also thank Becky de Tuscan for attending another USA Dive Club meeting with her husband and new member, Gene de Tuscan.

Thanks to all first time guests and returning guests for their interest in our dive club and hope to see you all back again.

As always, thanks to all our guests for attending the March meeting.  We’d also like to thank our wonderful USA Dive Club members for talking about our club and bringing us new faces each month.

Everyone is encouraged to visit USA’s home page and click
on the Calendar button for details regarding USA’s very active diving and social

USA’s Photo Gallery is once again up and running so be sure to visit the home page
and click on Photo Gallery for a glimpse of USA’s past diving and social activities.
The Calendar and Photo Gallery are updated regularly so take a peek!

We wish you all ‘Happy Diving.

Questions?  Click here to contact USA’s Hospitality Coordinators by e-mail.

Social Butterflies

Clare Anthon & Julie Manhold
Hospitality Coordinators

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Russ Air Force photo 1961 250On April 1st, USA published and distributed the 2011
1st quarter Membership Directory by e-mail to all USA Dive Club members.

The list is current and reflects names of members who
paid 2011 club dues. 

If any of your personal information is incorrect or
outdated, please send an update to USA’s Membership Coordinator by clicking here.

USA’s Membership Directory is updated with the addition
of each new member.  Members are provided updated Membership Directory copies every 90-days, at the end of each calendar quarter.

If you lose your copy, or simply need extra copies, click here.

If your USA Dive Club membership has expired, and you wish to renew your USA Dive Club membership, simply submit a New Member Application, along with appropriate
pro-rated membership dues, and a $10 New Member Initiation Fee.

At USA’s April 7th dive club meeting,
Pompano Beach resident Gene de Tuscan, became USA’s newest member.

Gene has attended several USA meetings with his wife, Becky.

When Gene and Becky are not scuba diving, you’ll most likely find them snow skiing in the Rockies.

Welcome Gene to the USA Dive Club.

Gene de Tuscan 400

Encourage friends and fellow divers to join USAers for all club activities.
Folks don’t need to be USA members to participate in USA Dive Club activities.
Guests are always welcome if they are accompanied by a USA club member.

People interested in joining the USA Dive Club will find membership applications available by clicking on the link appearing below.


Questions?  Click here to contact Membership Coordinator Russ Manhold by e-mail.

Warm diving regards,

Russ Manhold
Membership Coordinator

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Larry Townsend in scuba gearHi y’all from the Promotions Desk of USA Dive Club.

USA’s Lobster Pot winners have been taking home on average $50 cash at monthly dive club meetings.

That’s a better return on your hard-earned money than most banks offer.

Each month we offer a variety of Lobster Pot prizes, many donated by South Florida dive shops.

Congratulations to all our Lobster Pot winners.  Be sure and drop in to see our local dive shops who support us and say ‘Thanks’.

April 7th Lobster Pot Winners

  • 50/50 Lobster Pot $65 - Deb Devers
  • $50 Force-E gift certificate - Linda Caldwell
  • $50 Force-E gift certificate - Nils Jacobsen
  • $20 local dive coupon - Phebe Young
  • $20 local dive coupon - Nils Jacobsen
  • T-shirt from Force-E - Roman Boszko
  • Cozumel T-shirt from Glada Blench - Roman Boszko
  • 500 hour Flasher from Force-E - Miriam Prieto
  • South Florida Diving Locations book - Mike
  • South Florida Diving Locations book - Patrice Marker
  • DAN luggage tags - Kurt Kohler

An absolute banner year, with several months breaking previous records.  I look  forward to bringing you another interesting year in 2011 for USA’s Lobster Pot!

If you did not contribute, then you could not have won!

New USA Dive Club hats are due to arrive in May.  We have ordered 48 brushed cotton caps with a low profile structured front, woven flag sandwich visor, 6 panel, pre-curved visor and Velcro closure in the back.   The cap color is solid Navy Blue.

USA blue hat

We have also ordered 24 washed cotton chino twill caps with low profile unstructured front, 6 panel, pre-curved visor, with fabric strap and buckle closure in the back.  The cap color is Pink.

Each cap will display the USA Dive Club logo.


Under Sea Adventurers
Dive Club


Dixe Divers logo



At the May 5th dive club meeting, look for the following prizes in USA’s monthly
Lobster Pot:

  • The usual 50/50 cash pot.
  • The usual 2 each $20 off a USA local dive.
  • A Starfish Enterprise discount dive coupon.
  • And perhaps a couple of other little surprises for you too!

For the past several months, our 50/50 Lobster Pot has been right at $50 or more.

Unheard of in the history of the USA Dive Club.

I thank you and the club thanks you.  Let’s keep it up!

And, as I always say, ‘If U miss it, U will miss it!’

Questions?  Click here to contact Promotions Coordinator Larry Townsend by e-mail.

Larry Townsend
Promotions Coordinator

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Paul MolinariDear USAers,

Let's try something new.  Each month I'll present a few questions to the members to see how much we remember about the open water course.  And then the following month I'll add a few questions and give the answers to the questions of the previous month.
Sorry this will not be multiple choice.  Let's go!

#1  If an object is neutrally buoyant (does not sink or float) in fresh water the same object placed into salt water would?

#2  Imagine you blow up a balloon, tie it off, and take it to the bottom of the swimming pool.  What would happen to the balloon and the air inside?

#3  Imagine you turn a glass upside down, trap the air in it by putting it in water and take the glass down to 33 feet.  What would happen to the air space in the glass?

Let's see how this goes.  Remember this is not a test.  You will not be graded.  Have fun with it and look for the answers in USA’s June 2011 newsletter

Paul A. Molinari
Safety Coordinator

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USA’s Overseas Diving

USA Dive Club Overseas Diving program

Nils Jacobsen 250Pre-announcement: Exotic Trip, July 2012

Philippines: Southern Visayas/Dumaguete: Siren Liveaboard /Atmosphere Resort

Siren is a relatively new upscale fleet; this is our first club trip on Siren. The liveaboard is mostly on Cebu’s East side. The boat dates are July 14-21, 2012. The map is only for reference (our trip is custom: 7 nights).

We fly in and out of Manila.  We should be back in US and Florida on July 22nd.

The Atmosphere resort is a new upscale resort that comes highly recommended.  Resort is located at Dumaguete on Negron Island.  For the land based there are 3 options:

  • 5 nights (3 diving days); departing Saturday July 7
  • 7 nights (5 diving days); departing July 5
  • 10 nights (8 diving days); departing July 2

Both from the resort and for the live-aboard, we have the option of doing the
Apo Island.

Hopefully, I should have the full details for a June announcement.

Atmosphere Resorts & Spa - Philippines
S/Y Philippine Siren
Visayas diving - Philippines

USA Dive Club Overseas Diving program

For 2011, we have two trips planned for USA’s overseas diving program. The dates appearing below are firm.  They will allow you to plan your 2011 overseas diving schedule.

Prices are approximate at this time.

  • Little Cayman Beach Resort, June 11-18, 2011.
    All meals, 17 dives, airfare, tips, etc., approximately $2,150.
    Non-diver option available.  More info from trip leader Kathi McCutcheon or me.
  • Saba and Saint Kitts live-aboard, October 8-15, 2011Explorer Ventures’ fleet, same as USA’s last Saba trip and the 2006 Turks and Caicos trip to Provo.  This trip is one-way from Saint Marten to Saint Kitts.  Purchase your own split ticket with American Airlines.  All meals and beverages, 27 boat dives, free NITROX, airport transfers, gratuities, port taxes, departure taxes and fuel surcharge is about $2,250.  Add approximately $600 for air travel and the total is about $2,850. More info from trip leader Julie Manhold or me.
  • Dry Tortugas live-aboard.  At this time, we do not have enough interest to schedule that trip for 2011 however, it remains a viable consideration.

Overseas Diving - Scedule of Payments amended 757

Signup rules & priority for USA Dive Club


    Click here to view and print trip registration forms for Little Cayman Beach Resort.

    Click here to view and print trip registration forms for Saba/St.Kitts.

Questions?  Click here to contact VP of Overseas Diving Nils Jacobsen by e-mail.

Nils Jacobsen
VP Overseas Diving

Little Cayman Beach Resort
“Where the livin’ is good and the divin’ is easy.”

June 11-18, 2011

(Trip is FULL... standby list ONLY)

Kathi McCutcheon is the trip leader who will run this as a traditional USA club trip. We will dive together and enjoy group camaraderie at the daily happy hour around the pool and hot tub. Those who have been here before will vouch for the excellent cuisine, great patio bar and nicely appointed pool view rooms which have been recently redecorated and upgraded.

PRICE: $2,150 for three dives per day; $1,550 non-diver

$2,000 for two dives per day

Extra dives purchased at resort $65 per tank

NITROX $10 per single tank, $140 for the week

Deluxe oceanfront room upgrade $320 per person

Prices include roundtrip airfare from Miami, transfers, 3 gourmet meals daily,
and all tips.  Bar drinks are extra.

Questions?  Click here to contact trip leader Kathi McCutcheon by e-mail.

View of hotel room 256
Drinks under Tiki Hut 257
View of dinner plate 256
View of Little Cayman Beach Resort 800
View of pool 254
Dive boats at dock 255
View of boat from reef 254


Kathi McCutcheon



Kathi McCutcheon


Saba/St. Kitts

Caribbean Explorer II


The Caribbean Explorer II
Luxury Dive Vessel

A Three-Island Tour
The Most Unique Itinerary of Live-aboard Diving

October 8-15, 2011

(Trip is FULL... standby list ONLY)

The Saba/St. Kitts live-aboard dive vacation is now full.  Unfortunately, we are limited to a maximum of 18 passengers.
If you are interested in going on this trip, please add your name
to the wait list.  Placing your name on the wait list is FREE.
No deposit is required unless you are selected to replace
a trip participant who cancels.

If you have questions, or would like the names of USAers and guests going on the Saba/St. Kitts trip, click here to contact Trip Leader Julie Manhold.

Eighteen lucky USAers
will be traveling to Saba/St. Kitts to experience an 8-day, 7-night liveaboard diving adventure aboard the Caribbean Explorer II.
Julie Manhold is the trip leader.  We have reserved the entire boat for USAers.
A Full Moon dive is scheduled for Wednesday evening, October 12th.  There are eight staterooms, all with private vanities, air conditioning and toilet facilities.

What’s a liveaboard?  Just the most relaxing dive vacation you’ll ever experience.  NO SCHLEPPING of dive gear.  After you embark, set up your tank just once… that’s it.  When not in use, your other gear is stowed in your private gear locker right under your seat. Wet suits are hung to dry.  And you don’t have to switch over tanks.  Your tank is refilled right where you left it.  Warm showers and towels are offered after each of the 27 dives made available to you. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are expertly prepared as are the in-between snacks presented at the end of each dive.

What do you do between dives?   RELAX… sunbathe, fill in your log book, read that novel you didn’t have time to read at home, take a nap, get to know your fellow USAers a little better while raving about the last dive.  Your time is your own.  Perhaps a land tour would be nice.  If you’re not planning to make the night dive, enjoy a glass of wine with dinner.

With the exception of the airfare, this is an all-inclusive vacation.  Includes 27 boat dives, all meals and beverages, gratuities, port tax, fuel surcharge, airport transfers, departure tax and free NITROX.  We will be on our own Friday evening for dinner.  We’re even throwing in the T-shirt to let the world know you’ve ‘been there and done that’.


Travel will be simple.  On Saturday, October 8th, we fly nonstop from Miami to St. Maarten and then take ground transportation a short distance to the boat.  While we sleep, we cruise to Saba where the diving begins.  We then island hop and dive our way to St. Kitts where we disembark the following Saturday, October 15th, and fly home direct from St. Kitts to Miami.

Island map

You have the opportunity to make 27 dives on this expedition: 2 morning dives,
2 afternoon dives, and 1 night dive each evening.  NITROX is free.

The Northeastern Caribbean is an intriguing area offering a blend of Dutch, British, French and native cultures on the most scenic islands in the Caribbean.  Our unique itinerary will combine diving and optional land tours.

Saba is known for its submerged offshore pinnacles.  The abrupt topography above the sea is mirrored below and the profusion of marine life attests to the early institution of the Saba Marine Park in 1987.


Underwater pinnacles -- spires of the same volcanic rock that makes up the island -- jut up from the deep blue and overflow with marine life.
At Third Encounter, a notable pinnacle dive site, the surrounding deep water makes sightings of sharks and other pelagics common.  Just a short swim away, an eerie spire called the Needle, not more than 30 feet wide at its apex, rises 250 feet and points up from the depths like Neptune's finger.

St. Kitts offers arguably the widest variety of sites - finger reefs, recent wrecks, and a variety of drop-offs that will capture your imagination.

When you purchase your own airfare departing from Miami, price for this trip is
approximately $2,850.  Book your own air travel.

This will be a popular trip and a deposit is required to make your reservation.

Questions?  Click here to contact trip leader Julie Manhold by e-mail.


  Julie Manhold
   Trip Leader

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USA Calendar

  • May 5th - Regular Monthly meeting @ 7:30 pm
    • Best Western Deerfield Hotel & Suites
      1050 E Newport Center Drive
      Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
  • May 12th - USA board meeting @ 7:00 pm
    • 23307 Water Circle #9
      Boca Raton FL 33486
  • May 15th - 2nd Annual Beach Party @ 8:00 am
    • South side of Anglin Pier
      Commercial Blvd at A1A
      Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL 33308
    RSMAS @ 6:00 pm
    • University of Miami Rosenstiel of Marine and Atmospheric Science
      Rosenstiel School Auditorium
      4600 Rickenbacker Causeway
      Virginia Key, FL 33149
  • May 21st - USA Local Dive @ 7:30 am
  • May 22nd - Adopt-A-Street cleanup @ 9:00 am
    • Posh Cleaners parking lot
      498 W Hillsboro Blvd
      Deerfield Beach, FL33441
  • May 25th - Lionfish: From Ocean to Oven @ 7:00 pm
    • Force-E Scuba Center
      2181 N. Federal Highway
      Boca Raton FL 33431

Click on USA’s calendar to view all future events.

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Robert Shearer


Steve McCutcheon

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Roman Boszko

OS Dive Accountant

Ronnie Farr

Membership Coordinator

Russ Manhold

Hospitality Coordinator

Clare Anthon
Julie Manhold


Eva Tomas


Larry Townsend

Safety Coordinator

Paul Molinari


Russ Manhold


Membership Dues - $40 yearly; $70 for married USA Dive Club member couples

Download the Membership Packet from our website

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